We review top 3 online slots made with AI assisted graphics

The online and land-based casino industry has been using artificial intelligence (AI) for quite some time. However, with the advent of generative AI in various models, the broad term can now be used to generate images directly from text messages.

With stiff competition for your gaming dollar and a growing number of people around the world who engage in risk-based entertainment Along with a host of other reasons that we’ll look at throughout this review, it’s no surprise AI generated images have found their way onto the slot reelshowever currently only in virtual online slots.

In April 2023, at least three online slot titles were released with images created by or with the help of artificial intelligence. The three groundbreaking companies and stocks we’ll be covering here are NetGaming (Wild Buffalo Bonanza) endorphin (Joker Ra) and BGaming (Alien Fruits). And while there could be more (revealed or not revealed), we’re going to focus on these games since they all came out at the same time and were heralded as such in the press – or at least in press releases Innovations and changes in Game.

Click on the links below to view release notes and details for the following slot titles developed with AI-assisted graphics:

Wild Buffalo Bonanza (Published by NetGaming on April 13th, 2023 for Whitehat Gaming operators and worldwide from April 27th) – look here.

Joker Ra (published by Endorphina on April 27th) – look here.

alien fruits (published by BGaming on April 13, 2023) – look here.

A bit of history about AI in the gaming industry

One of the most obvious ways in which AI has been used in the world of gambling is for Security. Facial recognition coupled with AI has been used to identify card counters, self-excluded players, banned cheaters and organized criminals from ground operations. On the other hand, it was used in whale playgrounds like Macau to identify high rollers to identify them lead them to casino winnings through various trades.

On the online side, the AI ​​can analyze data on player patterns and habits, and if an anomaly occurs, even the machine or operations management can take a closer look at the game in real time. If it appears that the alleged player is not behaving like the known player, steps can be taken to prevent fraud, including player or casino robbery, such as: B. Money laundering.

AI is also increasingly being used in jurisdictions with strict frameworks to protect players identify problem players And intervene automatically o Make staff aware that they know what to look out for, what types of questions to ask and what actions to take to protect vulnerable individuals.

Artificial intelligence is used by companies large and small in all analyzed online markets. There isn’t much publicly available information available, but reading between the lines can be productive when the story seems the same or similar when what you see in the rooms is the same across multiple platforms, markets, and jurisdictions.

Simply put, the most obvious use of AI is in online casinos Collect data on player behavior and then shape the online experience to provide you with the most satisfying experience possible without compromising odds or other elements of fair gaming.

Understanding what type of slots appeals to a particular player the most, and then creating similar titles with some of the same or similar math or mechanics will allow the operator to better define what the player is looking for. Was it just the buffalo thing or was it the risk and reward factor? Was it the fact that there are two bonus rounds or the ability to buy one of the bonuses?

Just some of the things affected by AI

These are just some of the elements that can be analyzed to provide a better gaming experience. A better experience means deeper engagement, and deeper engagement means more playtime. Because the house always wins in the end (or at least can hold an edge until time justifies it if players don’t surrender while they have the advantage), on average, the longer a player plays, the more he loses.

The type of bonus you use the most, the type of wagering requirements you typically accept, whether you’re more inclined to accept a great one-time withdrawal offer or are just happy to significantly increase playtime and be willing to accept a high degree of agreement in exchange for liberal terms and a cap on how much you can earn; All of this can be handled by AI. In fact, they’ve been for almost a decade in some cases, but again, it’s not really something that operators or providers want to communicate to their competitors or even their players, which might take the fun out of some.

While many things are done behind the scenes by algorithms or absolute AI, Nothing can change the bottom line of games like slot machines. Well, sure they could, but not in a way that matters. Regulators like the BGC (UKGC) not only require a game to have a stated or “theoretical” RTP (Return to Player Percentage), they also require the actual RTP to fit within that predetermined number.

The time (how many iterations or spins) it takes to reach it, how long it stays at that point, and how often and how much it drifts over time are more a matter of volatility than recovery percentages, and that is also taken into account. If it takes 400,000 spins of a low variance title for the actual RTP to reach the theoretical RTP number and it stays within the standard deviation for 95 out of 100 (e.g. 5 points over, 5 points under or somewhere in between). simulations (5% confidence interval), then the regulator doesn’t seem to care how it happened as long as the math is sound.

Likewise, players shouldn’t care how it happens when it happens, and each spin has an equal chance of producing a specific outcome.

Luckily, there isn’t a game set in stone that plays with math. A few years ago there was a product on the market that was actually a scratch card, but looked and acted like a slot machine. The problem with this was that once the “jackpot” was awarded once out of a million interactions, it couldn’t be won again until “all the tickets” were sold or every spin required to award each prize was performed. The developer responsible for this type of game changed the methods before coming a license in the UK.

The AI ​​could handle every element of the inner workings of a slot machine and even create new mechanics that no one has tried before. It is quite possible that there are currently laboratories that are up to the challenge. However, the first AI-generated slots were pure rubbish, despite the fact that the technology today made it possible to create high-quality clones.

Garbage in – garbage out

In 2019, Ars Technica reported on a developer duo who created a robot in 2013 to create mobile slot games. The experiment created over 1,500 junk games with slight variations on the theme, possibly changing an image to match the theme. The games available on Google Play are all dead now and the duo credit their crap for helping “train” Google’s algorithms to recognize and kill certain types of apps.

According to Ars: “Left in their GDC presentation people mostly with a laugh, but also with a human perspective on the costs of pursuing a bot-generated app dream. with profit, not laughter, as the goal.”

The direction developers are taking today in an increasingly competitive market seems much better – the graphics are stunning and accurate, and the math and gameplay mechanics are presumably still human creations. Where AI-assisted game development is headed from here is unclear.

Spring: How casinos use AIMedium, May 31, 2021

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