The streaming platforms Twitch and Kick are fighting for popularity

Gaming streamers have become very popular in recent years – but why and what have the popular platforms Twitch and Kick done to increase their popularity?

Twitch Popularity

Tom Waterhouse from Waterhouse VC decided to research this topic and compare two of the most popular streamers. pull out launched in 2011, but most of its growth came after Amazon bought the platform for $970 million in 2014. Back then, there were very few streamers in the entire US market.

they were waiting for him several interesting features, including many tutorials and chat rooms hosted by famous players from around the world. The money comes from both Ads like premium subscriptionsas well as some merch sales, and the platform and streamer split subscription revenue 50/50 until June, when they switched 70/30 for the transmitter.

Among other things, Twitch offers bits – is an internal currency that users can give to other users as a token of their support and their earnings are shared as well. However, according to the source, the streamers believe they they pay badly. In 2021, some information was leaked about the network and in their opinion only 0.01% of streamers They were paid more than minimum wage. This is also the main reason for the different split percentages, along with increasing competition the new platforms.

Kick – a serious threat

Another important platform is step, which is relatively new and was released in January 2023. However, it quickly gained popularity among streamers and viewers. For the streamers They love it for that the 95/5 splitand keeps all advice to himself.

also kick let’s bet. After the scandal of 2022, when pull out Twitch has decided to borrow money from the creators to pretend it is funding game costs ban most of those popular gaming streamsAs of October last year.

So the company claimed: “We will be making a policy update on October 18 to prohibit online streaming from gambling sites that offer slots, roulette or craps games that are not licensed in the United States or other jurisdictions that offer adequate consumer protections.”

However, on Kick, the gambling content is more than popular, which has attracted streamers to the platform. Fans always find that new ways to betthe ban didn’t help – many of them were simply transferred to Kick, which is unlikely to ban gambling content on the platform as its popularity continues to grow.

In January, the platform had 9,000 active channelsand in April that number went up 67,000. Additionally, 12.8 million hours were watched in January, and that number rose to 51.8 million by April. remains only 2.8% of twitch hoursbut the company keeps growing and streaming gambling helps a lot.

Will Twitch be replaced by Kick? It’s too early to say for sure, though The games have only just begun.

Spring: “Waterhouse VC: In Full Speed”. iGaming store. August 22, 2023

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