The Malta Gaming Authority has released its 2022 annual report and finances

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has published its 2022 Annual Report and Accounts. The move and similar moves by government agencies are widely viewed as efforts to provide clarity on the mission and transparency of operations.

In this regard, Malta has been more successful over the years, at least as far as the information provided is reasonably useful for potential licensees and consumers. However, the nature of the information and the depth with which activities are reported may vary leave a lot to be desired.

5,280 players asked for help

Yes OK It will be informed the number of player complaintsThe nature and severity of potential violations are not reported in context, nor are the outcomes of any decisions related to specific disputes reported. In addition, ADR is mandatory, so that the gaming authority should only consider complaints that fail to arbitrate and that the ADR service providers deem reasonable for escalation.

In addition, plans to change the law or even draft laws presented to the fashion are rarely reported in the news section of the site or in regular or annual reports until the policy or the law has changed, for example when the operators have been aware of the comment period, but the players had no idea that The theoretical minimum return to player (RTP) for MGA regulated online slots would drop from 92% to 85%.apparently to bring it into line with the traditional sector.

More recently, we’ve had to learn from that the media after such arguments that a bill has been brought to the legislature that would amend gambling law but would also apply to all other commercial disputes in the European Union and relieve any Malta registered company from the responsibility of complying with Maltese commercial -licensed online casino from another EU- sanctioned or fined by a Member State.

While the above and other information may be available in official government communications or press releases, for the sake of transparency and consumer confidence they should at least be linked from the MGA website when not included in periodic and annual reports.

The most important figures as well as a link to the financial figures and the report can be found here (Here).

Here is a short summary:

  • 5,280 players asked for help
  • 28 compliance audits and 228 desktop reviews conducted
  • Remedial and/or administrative actions have been taken for 25 licensees
  • The Fitness and Appropriation Committee concluded that six individuals and companies failed to meet the agency’s probity standards due to a variety of factors.
  • In 2022, 41 applications for gaming licenses were received. Thirty-one (31) licenses have been issued
  • More than 1,500 criminal integrity checks were carried out
  • 48 Interviews with potential money laundering officers (MLROs) and key individuals performing the AML/CFT function
  • Nine non-compliance letters were issued for violations of commercial communications regulations
  • 85 responsible gaming site reviews were conducted and 38 URLs were found to contain misleading information.

In releasing the report, MGA CEO Dr. Carl Brincat: “This report is a testament to our collective efforts to promote a fair and sustainable gaming ecosystem. Through proactive measures and more agile regulatory processes, we strive to ensure a level playing field that promotes innovation and protects against potential risks.”

“As the global gaming landscape evolves, our role becomes even more important. We assume this responsibility with the utmost determination and work tirelessly to stay one step ahead of new trends, technologies and challenges. We continue to persevere in our quest for strong frameworks that inspire trust, protect vulnerable people and make Malta a home for well-meaning gambling operators.”

Spring: MGA publishes its 2022 Annual Report and Accounts. News from the Malta Gaming Authority, 2nd June 2023

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