The first SOFTSWISS Prime Network jackpot reaches €244,742.34

After the SOFTSWISS jackpot aggregator introduced the progressive jackpot on the Prime Network in October 2023, the lucky player was finally able to secure his winnings on February 7, 2024! The jackpot winner takes home the prize of €244,742.34 added in the Prime Network Jackpot campaign.

Progressive jackpot campaign

The campaign was run by multiple operators who collectively set up prize pools to pay out winnings from those pools, rather than by individual operators. This design allowed the campaign to make offers exceptional rewards and attract a large number of players. For this reason the Prime Network Jackpot Campaign Get online bets from just one euro to shop around a million bets in the prize pool from October 2023 to February 2024.

€244,000 jackpot won on February 7, 2024

The first Prime Network jackpot was achieved on the Fastpay Casino platform on February 7, 2024 when one lucky player won the prize of €244,742.34 in a game provided by BGaming. When comparing the amount of the jackpot paid out Network Prize Fund Since regular offline progressive jackpot winnings do not exceed €50,000, it is clear that the online approach brings more benefits for players and operators. therefore, the SOFTSWISS Jackpot aggregator will soon launch its next Prime Network Jackpot campaign as it becomes a strategic tool for casinos to increase their business.

Aliaksei Douhin, Head of SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator at SOFTSWISS, commented: “We are pleased that the long-awaited victory came during the ICE industry event, an ideal time for the community to network and exchange ideas. This victory is an additional reason for our partners to celebrate.

After our first online network progressive jackpot campaign with an initial prize pool of 100,000 euros, we will immediately launch a new one starting at 300,000 euros. This campaign offers players significant rewards and facilitates the jackpot payout from the collective prize pool. “It serves as an effective marketing strategy to engage and attract users, a relevant topic of discussion at ICE and particularly at our stand.”

Fastpay Casino representative added: “Organizing the first draw of the SOFTSWISS Prime Network Jackpot campaign was an honor and a stroke of luck for us. Among the many participating casinos, ours had the privilege of being the first to celebrate a winner of this fascinating campaign. It is particularly symbolic that the victory was achieved in a game Fastpay Bonanza developed exclusively for us by BGaming. This event highlights the benefits of collaborative network jackpots and reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences. We look forward to hosting more exciting events and continuing to produce winners among our players and casino community.”

Commenting on the winning campaign, BGaming CEO Marina Ostrovtsova said: “It is pleasing to see players enthusiastically embracing new industry initiatives such as the SOFTSWISS Prime Network Jackpot campaign. We are pleased to announce the first winner of a BGaming game designed specifically for Fastpay Casino. We thank the partners involved. As BGaming continues to develop custom games and engaging online casino titles, we eagerly await more campaigns from SOFTSWISS.”

Spring: “The SOFTSWISS Prime Network jackpot reaches over €244,000”. EuropeanGaming. February 9, 2024.

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