SOFTSWISS publishes a list of tips for responsible gaming

SOFTSWISS, the global provider of software and content for online casinos and sports betting sites, has published some tips for responsible gaming ahead of the European Safe Gaming Week 2023.

The company emphasizes that responsible gaming is a very important aspect of its operations, not only due to licensing requirements in various areas Jurisdictions but also because it represents one of the company’s core values.

SOFTSWISS Additionally, internal audits revealed that the company is committed to responsible gaming practices that go beyond compliance and that its employees receive ongoing training to adhere to these practices.

The company has an anti-fraud team responsible for managing licensing requirements but also ensuring an internal investigation into responsible gaming practices. This year alone, the company’s anti-fraud team has already processed more than 26,000 requests related to problem player bans or at-risk player notifications.

Ilya Nesterov, head of the anti-fraud team, admitted that he had noticed a “steady increase in the number of monitored players,” but revealed that this increase was due to the company’s “advanced analysis of information, indicators and metrics.” be.

Nesterov added that the anti-fraud team “implements special monitoring segments differentiated by factors such as age, duration and time of activity, day or night” to protect at-risk players.

Supported by an automatic tool

SOFTSWISS has also developed an automated tool that can monitor player activity and detect suspicious behavior. The tool also assesses the risk level using various metrics and indicators.

The company has also listed the core principles that guide its responsible gaming practices:

  • Knowledge Power means that SOFTSWISS invests in training programs for its employees to make them advocates of responsible gambling.
  • Player Empowerment, which describes the tools made available to players, including opportunities to set boundaries DepositSession duration and self-exclusion measures.
  • Analytics and Alerts, a principle that drives the company’s technology experts to continuously develop data analysis tools to monitor player behavior, identify unusual gaming patterns and then quickly respond to concerns, thereby making a valuable contribution to a safe gaming environment.
  • Quarterly analysis – the anti-fraud team analyzes the data and analyzes it to develop new methods to effectively address challenges.
  • Operator and customer centered procedures, meaning operators are trained and customer well-being is a priority.
  • Regular reviews, which means the company carries out regular audits and assessments to keep its responsible gaming policies up to date and effective.
  • Open dialogue, a principle that ensures smooth communication between departments and managers within the company, but also with its operational partners.

Spring: “Responsible Gaming Tips to Improve Player Experience”. softswiss. November 10, 2023

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