Small Texas casino supports hundreds of families and generates hundreds of millions

Naskila entertainment is a small slots casino in Polk County, Texas with a huge impact on the local economy. In fact, it really is an electronic bingo facility, but visitors feel like they’re playing slot machines and most people will never tell the difference – like playing a Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) in a metropolitan casino in NYC.

The casino is operated by the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas on their reservation near Livingston, about 75 miles north of Houston, a city of more than two million people.

According to a report commissioned by Texas Through Forest Country Partnership, the facility directly and indirectly contributed approximately $212 million to the county’s economy in 2022.

The casino creates more than 800 permanent jobs

Austin-based TXP Inc., the economic analysis firm that conducted the study, reports that the facility is responsible for more than 800 permanent jobs, half of them in the casino, and a combined payroll of $22.5 million per year.

This economic impact and these jobs simply would not exist without Naskila. With 95 percent of Naskila’s customers coming from outside of Polk County and more than 80 percent from outside of the region, Naskila is an economic engine that benefits all stakeholders in the region.” claims the study.

According to a report by Blue Bonnet News, the TXP study was from the winter of 2023 the third Commissioned by the Texas Forest Country Partnership on the economic impact of the casino. The place opened as 15,000 square meter slot hall in 2016 and until recently had to struggle to defend its operation as legal under the Indian Gambling Regulation Act from 1988.

Last summer, the US Supreme Court finally put the overzealous Texas prosecutors to rest on the matter when the court affirmed it play middle position.

Steady increase in economic value

The first study, conducted in 2018, showed an economic impact of $140 million, which grew to $170 million in 2020 and continued to grow to the current $212 million identified in the current report Here, courtesy of Liberty County News Outlet. Overall direct and indirect jobs have grown from 550 to 700 and eventually to 825 today, almost half of which are part of the casino operations themselves.

Commenting on the study and its findings, Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas Tribal Council Chair Ricky Sylestine said:We are grateful that our guests, our employees and our neighbors in Deep East Texas have helped Naskila Casino continue to grow in impact.” called. “This facility helps preserve our tribe and our region.”

According to the report, the average salary and benefits for a Naskila employee is $50,000. Impacts include a variety of quality of life improvements for those employed directly or not in the area, with funding for scholarships and additional housing on the reserve, as well as a shopping center, health clinic and daycare center.

The growing success of Naskila is great for Polk County.”Polk County Judge Sydney Murphy said. “Naskila attracts visitors to our region and provides stable income and benefits to its employees. We know that Naskila will continue to play an important role in the future of our county.”

Spring: Study shows Naskila Casino brings $212 million to local economyBluebonnet News, March 13, 2023

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