Provincially licensed casino operators dominate the online arena, beating the sport by a wide margin

Ontario iGaming has published a market report for the first quarter of 2023 and online casinos continue to push single-event online sports betting into the free commercial market. Over 80% of sales (83%) and over 70% of emerging market revenue came from casino games rather than sports betting.

The figures stand in stark contrast to some of the forecast estimates from the Canadian province before the market opens in early 2022. Those numbers seem to have vanished from the news, overwhelmed by the harsh reality that Canadians do in fact much prefer to gamble on casino games than they do on sports betting.

iGaming Ontario’s fiscal year began on April 1st

When referring to first quarter figures, the information relates to (Q1) fiscal year 2023-24, which ran from April 1 to June 30, 2023.

Outsiders and casual observers might also be wondering which sports kicked off the most basketball the leader of ice Hockey by orders of magnitude. Sports bettors have been “deterred” by betting advertisements on television and other media, and the country has not won a Stanley Cup in ice hockey for three decades.

That being said, online casinos dominated the money story with more than five times higher wagering ($11.6 billion vs. $2 billion) than sports betting, but the operator’s profit was much smaller as a percentage of revenue, which is not surprising when you compare the amounts of money players were left at the tables, in virtual slots, and in the book. Casinos generated $392 million in sales compared to 182 million US dollars were generated by the bets.

The market currently has 71 gambling sites in service, five fewer than at the end of the year, but one more operator was added. He Number of active accounts was also reduced a little less than a million.

However, it should be noted that this does not mean that there are one million online gamers in the province playing on licensed, taxed and regulated sites as each account is counted separately.

The minimum number of participants could be only 12,958 either even 920,000. Among other things, since many operators only allow this a bonus Across all of their sites, it’s highly unlikely that just a small handful of customers have more than 50 separate accounts, but it’s also far-fetched to think that almost all of them have fewer than half a dozen, which puts the likely number of actual active players somewhere on the lower end of the spectrum, but still in the hundreds of thousands.

Average spend per active player account was $197 in the first quarter.

The money Bet on slot machines was more than the bet all board games combined, and here too apples and pears have to be classified. Slot spins happen faster than table game bets in sequence, so there will be a lot more betting on the games, table game bets – both table game bets Casino with virtual dealer like liveThey are generally larger. Regardless, slots accounted for about 48% of all bets, while live casino games accounted for about 32% of all game bets and virtual table games based on random number generators made up at least 8% of the rest, while peer-to-peer bingo games made up the rest.

This quarterly report was the first time an extraction was possible play-by-play volumes from a report by iGamingOntario.

Complete freshman editions co-published

Below is a breakdown of the figures provided by the Authority for fiscal year 2022/2023 (fiscal year 2022-23, from April 4, 2022 to March 31, 2023).

  • Last year, casino games, including slots, live and computer-based table games, and peer-to-peer bingo, accounted for almost $28 billion (78%) of total wagers and $940 million (67%) of gaming revenue.
  • Betting, including traditional sports, esports, promotional and novelty betting, accounted for $7 billion (20%) of total betting and $433 million (31%) of gaming revenue last year.
  • P2P poker accounted for $992 million (3%) of total bets and $40 million (3%) of gaming revenue last year.

None of the above topics in any section contain Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. information. (OLG), which will be published at a later date. Therefore, it is not possible to directly infer direct loss or cannibalization from the public-private partnership operation of Crown Corporation, which previously held a monopoly on Canadian-licensed casino games through its website. PlayOLG.

As always Canadians in Ontario and other provinces You can also play for free at casinos abroad – although these numbers are still obscured by the lack of centralized regulatory reporting in countries like Malta, or any reporting from licensing courts like Curaçao that administer these operators.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission No market reports are provided either.

As part of its commitment to aggregated revenue sharing and market insight reports, iGO intends to continue to publish at least one market report per quarter.”said iGO on Wednesday.

Spring: iGaming Ontario’s Market Performance Report for the first quarter of 2023-24iGaming Ontario, July 19, 2023

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