No agreement on how many jobs would go to locals as part of Coney Island’s casino offering

As the bidding and licensing process for new casinos in and around New York City intensifies, let’s take a closer look at some of the potential local implications. At least one new casino will open under the New York State Casino License Tender designation, with two additional full casino licenses potentially going to existing lottery casinos in the region.

It is generally believed that the first and second licenses are intended for the walls of Resorts World New York in Jamaica, Queens And MGM’s Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway in this city. Both locations already host large and popular Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) slots and table games and may receive one or both of the first licenses, while a third license is fully available at expensive terms and potentially huge returns. financially.

The minimum bid is $500 million

The minimum bid for each of the three licenses is half a billion dollars, but as observers have noted in the past, the New York area, with a population of around 19 million people, could be the largest untapped casino market in the world.

The main source for today’s article will be the Brooklyn Paper, along with our own reports and a range of data compiled by the paper gambling authorities by the state, the World Casino Directory and other sources as indicated throughout history.

Thor stocks would like to develop a property that belongs to him coney island, a historical icon and a south Brooklyn neighborhood where opinions run hot and cold and the prospects of a grand new Las Vegas-style casino and entertainment complex are lukewarmly indifferent.

The developers estimate that if the consortium’s final offer is finally accepted, around 4,000 new jobs would be created directly and indirectly in Brooklyn. According to Robert Cornegy, a former New York City councilman and member of the pro-casino task force, these aren’t just jobs, they’re well-paying union jobs.

According to the local newspaper, Cornegy believes the neighborhood would create well-paying jobs and year-round employment among gaming and hospitality operators I would open the doors to the middle class for many people who have not had these opportunities for some time.

Cornegy reportedly told the Brooklyn Paper, “The opportunity to create decent paying jobs year-round is something I absolutely have to push and demand.”

“For people of color, especially black people, the job has opened a path into the middle class in many different industries. The hospitality industry is one of the most lucrative opportunities.”

While some people don’t particularly appreciate these types of jobs, Cornegy says they can pay up to $30 an hour and offer opportunity for advancement and attractive perks.

In particular, he focused on the fact that the neighborhood already has its own ‘brand’ and that built-in benefits could be wasted if not exploited.

community board 13 is a governmental agency of the City of New York serving the Brighton Beach, Coney Island, Gravesend and Sea Gate areas. Public meetings are still held in person via Zoom, however the Board remains active.

Community Board 13 President Lucy Mujica Díaz seems wary of that number, telling the paper that she wonders what percentage of those jobs would actually go to community members, explaining that the jobs are for many Community members may not be the best option.

Mujica Díaz is quoted as saying: “I don’t see anyone in hospitality lasting that long.” according to the Brooklyn Paper. “I don’t think it would be suitable for some people because there are still unanswered questions.”

Statistics for the neighborhood show a slightly higher unemployment rate than the rest of the city as a whole: 5.6% in Kings County compared to 5.3% in New York City as a whole.

That’s what a member of the “casino bidding team” is said to have said Recruitment and job training would preferably be provided to local people. Local job fairs and other opportunities would also be offered to local citizens. It might be interesting to note that when Bally’s opened its Chicago Casino, the first real casino in the country’s third largest city, a promised number of jobs and parties were part of the package.

According to Carnegie’s thoughts: “I think it’s important to point out to what extent, even when we’re talking about inequality in the city, in a place like Coney Island, those inequality numbers are always rising.”called.

Diaz pointed out that the neighborhood’s current seasonality may also result in a lack of job opportunities. According to reports, the poverty rate of coney The island accounts for 24% and the city as a whole 20%. He worries locals won’t request the observations, since even a dollar more in salary can increase the rent people have to pay for public housing. More than 100,000 New Yorkers live in one of the 79 housing developments operated by the New York City Housing Authority, with that number accounting for approximately 11,000 residents of the Community Board 13 area. C13 also serves Brighton Beach.

A better salary is not always attractive

Diaz went on to explain how the current permissions structure for this living space complicates matters and said he’s confident that’s the case not even 50% of jobs They would go on the spot. Some seniors simply don’t want or need full-time employment because the earnings would merely reduce the income security benefits they already receive from Social Security.

There are regular members of the community who are also opposed to the casino being located there. However, when it comes to ‘grassroots’ organisations, it is not always easy or even possible to know the true motivations, as casino license competitors and other ‘stakeholders’ can easily influence the voice of opposition movements when controls and cross-checks are not established before the start of the bidding process. The pre-registration for the licenses has officially been running for several months.

The document noted that casino proponents are still in the process of “evaluating” a proposal and have not yet completed their RFP, or request for proposal, which city casino planners began bidding on beginning of January.

The state has not yet announced a submission date for the proposals solicited by the New York State Gaming Facility Siteing Board.

Cornegy claims the project is good for job creation. “This project seems to be one of the biggest job creators in South Brooklyn” called.

Spring: Developers say the proposed Coney Island Casino would create 4,000 new jobs at the People’s PlaygroundThe Brooklyn Papers, June 15, 2023

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