Microgaming is returning to its roots, says its new CEO

From the outside looking in, Microgaming, a privately held gaming software company based in the Isle of Man, has been going through a period of significant change in recent years. In this regard, Stephen Fisk, the youngest CEO who took over in May, said: “The only focus after selling Quickfire from Microgaming It’s your platform business. “That’s what made it great in the first place.”

Quickfire Sale – Important Change

The above changes include the official closure of the Microgaming Poker Network in 2020, followed by a major change two years later, Games Global’s purchase of the aggregation platform Quickfire along with a large portfolio of games. Over the last decade, however, Microgaming’s PR strategy has turned around the casinos and slot machines, so selling Quickfire seemed like a really big change.

I talk about why I sell Rapid fire Having a major impact on the company, Stephen Fisk said: “But it’s not so much about a change of direction, but rather about focusing on what made the company successful in the first place. You should keep in mind that Microgaming started as a full platform provider, offering a range of services beyond just providing games and content. “We have had our poker and bingo networks as well as other services and products over time, but we have always maintained an identity around our full platform product.”

Quickfire was responsible for supporting over 900 brands. While Microgaming’s platform technology supports these brands as a supplier to Games Global, the company focuses its attention on a small group of key partners, including Super Group Casino and sports operator Betway, and that really helped Fisk land the top job. When he took over as CEO in 2018, he focused on platform development. In this sense he commented: “There is always a certain level of learning. And it never ends. As CEO, I learn new things every day about what it takes to run the company as effectively as possible. It is a change and a challenge to lead everyone and leave the responsibility with me and I am sure there is still a lot to learn.”

Lots of talented employees

Fisk is the latest executive to rise to the top through Microgaming’s top management. After Roger Raatgever stepped down as CEO after 17 years, Microgaming experienced a period of relative turmoil.

After Raatgever’s departure in 2018, Coleman, Clucas and most recently Fisk took over the CEO role. Furthermore, there is a steady trend of these appointments.

Josh Coleman initially served as CFO before being promoted. Andrew Clucas also succeeded him as CFO. Fisk then took on the position of COO of Clucas and now that of CEO, marking a long series of internal promotions.

Fisk stands out for taking on the role of CEO before spending a decade at the company, while Coleman and Lucas worked together for more than a decade before being promoted. He has extensive gaming experience and has been in the industry for over 20 years. Previously, Rational Group, the operator of Poker Stars, was accused of expanding into sports betting in 2013 when it was still a poker-focused company.

He remembered times gone by and said: “In a very traditional poker business like PokerStars was back then, I think everyone was very happy to get involved in sports betting. But it was also a big change in everyday life. It taught him about management and leadership and taught him how to take people along. Change requires a lot of concentration, dedication and drive. The more you can align everyone on the same focus and work toward the same goals, the better the business will be. Communication is the key to acceptance within the team.”

A new future under new leadership

Although Quickfire is now under new ownership, Games Global remains a close ally of Microgaming. In this regard, Fisk noted: “For Games Global to distribute its games around the world, we continue to provide the technology platform to do so. The same approach is maintained when monitoring the market for all products, content and services. Focusing on providing personalized services to a smaller number of partners still requires the latest solutions. We return to Microgaming’s core identity as a platform provider. However, we must remember that casinos represent a very important part of our customer base and revenue. “It is extremely important to us.”

Sports betting as part of the company’s new vision for the future

Sports betting will play an increasingly important role in the company’s future. Because Microgaming is the driving force behind it Betway All over the world, Betway is already a proven solution that is probably underestimated. This small but mighty customer base will help you move forward.

Fisk does not believe the provider is affiliated with other B2B sports giants. In this sense he says: “I think that’s the key to our success. We offer our partners tailor-made products and solutions. We will provide them with the products they need that we believe will serve their customers well while growing both of our companies. It’s a real partnership. “If they see space in a market or a different set of products than we might see, that’s a very open and honest conversation about what needs to be done.”

“This personalized path”, he claimed, “It is Microgaming’s differentiator going forward. “Working with a select customer base allows the company to respond quickly when opportunities arise.”

Pursue new markets

On emerging and excise regulated markets, he said: “We look at many different markets around the world. Apparently there are some [mercados]

Keys and other emerging keys that we would like to see regulated. For example, the work that has been done in Ontario over the last few years is a very good sign for us and the industry as a whole.”

Furthermore, he added: “Microgaming is committed to regulated and safe operating environments and is particularly focused on safer gaming. By focusing on tailored solutions, you can address regulatory compliance requirements and develop additional protections on top of that. If a customer wants to create their own tools, Microgaming provides the technology and advice. This extends to supporting industry-wide projects such as GamCare’s National Gambling Helpline and peer group therapy trials, as well as local programmers on the Isle of Man. It’s about the culture and mentality of the employees, not just the products we offer. We are trying to anchor it in the organization. Awareness of responsible gaming is integrated throughout our entire company. We believe that if we do this, we will also be able to offer our customers better products and services.”

Take advantage of one of the traditional online gaming brands

Your primary improvement goal is especially important when the company is experiencing something like a market disruption. As Fisk said, tapering is less about changing direction and more about going back to basics, but you still need to get some rest.

However, the name also has a high brand value. Microgaming is already world famous as the driving force behind the first online casino in 1994, exactly 6 years before Fisk entered the industry.

On this topic, Fisk emphasized: “The quality of its products and its level of service have helped the company survive for 29 years. We must focus on the tradition of always delivering for our customers and continue to make the most of these relationships. Not only do we communicate with the rest of the industry, but we continue to lead. We must focus on the tradition of always delivering for our customers and continue to make the most of these relationships. Not only do we communicate with the rest of the industry, but we continue to lead.”

Spring: “Microgaming returns to its roots with a new CEO,” IGB. September 15, 2023

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