Light & Wonder is shooting for Asia’s #1 at G2E – Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

With its stake in, Light & Wonder has set itself high goals in Asia Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Asia. The event will take place this year from May 30th to June 1st at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

For some, the exact details will not be revealed publicly until they are announced at the show company advances in the Asian market, the ex science games provoked any information about you comprehensive multiplatform loyalty program with a variety of customizable features to help operators retain and attract customers.

Differentiate solutions from industry leaders

The new system expansion will complement the products currently in use and provide operators with a clearly differentiated solution to integrate with platforms already used across the loyalty space.

As the gaming giant launches and develops new games aiming to captivate and keep gamers in one of the world’s fastest developing markets, every selection seems able to play its part in order to To help L&W achieve the goal Number one in Asia.

Starting with the electronic table game (ETG), RouletteX, Players have the opportunity to win a lot more at a game of roulette than they normally would. By choosing their own volatility (risk versus reward), players can get up to 500x their stake on a single number. The game is played on platforms Quartz standalone and Hybrid by Light & Wonder.

Dragon Tail Baccarat It can now be played in the Quarts standalone system. The new title offers free games and side games, as well as a touch screen with a variety of interactive features for the player to choose from. Operators, on the other hand, have access to statistics, customizable trend screens, game history, a bet planner and a timer option as options that can be offered to players.

Lest we risk getting caught up in some great table games before mentioning slots and progressive slots, I would refrain from recognizing the company’s “Casino Product of the Year” at the Global Gaming Awards Asia 2022, the MDX card shuffler to mention. It deserves its own presentation and is welcomed at the fair along with some of the live dealer games on offer.

The tried and tested Blazing 7s Blackjack Progressive is introduced this year, bringing 7-point card-based side bets to Asian casinos. Players who choose to play all 7s win if their first card is a 7; They win even more if the second card is a 7, and they go to the bank if the dealer’s first card is also a 7.

Our Asian customers look forward to enlivening their casino floors and discovering the tremendous value being created for their players who want more modern and immersive gaming content with solutions and services to enhance the guest experience.” said Simon Johnson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, International Games at Light & Wonder.

Light & Wonder takes the lead in performance and shipment percentage in key Asian markets, an indicator that our goal of being number one in the Asian market is well on the way to becoming a reality. To respond to this dynamic and demand for next-gen content, our team of award-winning game designers and studios has built a robust portfolio of next-gen experiences, content, technologies and systems that will reach multiple platforms and markets..”

Asia Slots expands popular franchises

Popular Light & Wonder game families and franchises getting re-releases and additions in Asia include Dragon Unleashed, DUŌ FÚ DUŌ CÁI GRAND, Dancing Drums Explosion and Coin Combo.

coin combination adds VIP to your name as well as titles like carnival cow And hyperhorse with progressive jackpot prizes. Both franchise additions have been specially developed for the Asian market and will be available in the 43-inch KASCADA portrait case.

A dual-screen version of the Kascada will be presented for the first time at the show. Edge lighting and a unique reflector complement the 43-inch chassis, giving it an eye-catching presence on any casino floor. Look for the only cases on the market that feature dual 27″ high-resolution monitors and a 27″ floating attachment for dynamic gaming content.

ingotcha And dragon are two new titles that join the great family of DUŌ FÚ DUŌ CÁI games with features packed with jackpot prizes. Players’ favorite features remain in popular games, but innovations improve gameplay and expand audiences.

Red Fleet And Esteemed happiness are two titles that combine Unleashed Dragon In this franchise, new games bring the originals to profitability, with free games and new twists that complement familiar features. The franchise is now possibly one of the most compelling game series available at any casino and has been added to the Kascada Dual Screen cabinet to ensure a theatrical side-by-side gameplay presence – particularly during the Dragon Reel feature.

Spring: Light & Wonder is aiming for number one in Asia at the Singapore showG3 Newswire, May 24, 2023

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