Introducing the AI ​​announcers in online casino games!

Another important interview resonated well in the industry after the iGaming veteran Jean Pierre Houareau, CEO of Live Solutions, Talk to iGB and explain how it works AI Impact on the online gaming industry and what changes this modern technology could bring.

With the modernization of the world came the modernization of this form of entertainment.

The introduction of AI to this form of entertainment will take the player’s iGaming experience to a whole new level and usher in another era of change.

Modernization of online games!

As the modern world brings about major changes, companies can offer originality and engagement by introducing AI into their products.

live solutions, a renowned B2B brand in the industry, has added AI moderators to its casino games.

“Our AI moderators are a new initiative to collaborate with our live moderators. They take care of the gameplay and keep players informed, just like a live presenter would.” he said.

This iGaming veteran also stressed the importance of this novelty, which increases the closeness between operators and players thanks to the personalization of messages.

“AI presenters offer tremendous benefits as they allow operators to communicate with their players.” Explain. “AI announcers can target a specific player and deliver a specific message to them. For example, during a game, a player can be reminded to provide the operator with KYC documentation.”

What to Expect

The use of AI presenters allows operators to better focus on the needs of their players as AI can take advantage of automation. Houareau explains that the AI ​​moderators continuously support the players, which are in operation around the clock. This is especially beneficial for players in different time zones and with different language preferences.

For people who aren’t drawn to the custom aspects, the AI ​​moderator’s anonymity might be appealing.

“Interacting with an AI moderator can provide a level of privacy and anonymity that some players may prefer.” keep going. “AI moderators can make decisions based solely on objective rules and algorithms, which can improve transparency and fairness.”

However, one of the key questions is: Can AI outperform humans? Houareau believes AI can bring many benefits!

“AI moderators don’t need training”, says. “Once they are developed and deployed, they can handle numerous interactions simultaneously.”

He also explained that innovative technology may “Processing a high volume of transactions without restricting human resources.”

More players than ever before

According to this expert, the AI ​​will give way the casinos the opportunity to host more players than ever before!

But can these rights be threatened? The veteran believes there won’t be any problems as long as the companies have an agreement with the ambassadors about using their images.

“Using an AI moderator to closely resemble or impersonate a celebrity without their permission could violate these rights. That is why we always insist that appropriate release clauses are set before we develop a custom AI moderator.”


Although AI, like everything else, has been hugely successful so far, this technology is evolving and we can certainly see more improvements in the future.

“Some of the future improvements we are considering include improving the realism of the AI ​​presenter to provide a more immersive gaming experience, which could include improving facial expressions, body language and voice modulation to create a more human interaction. ” Houareau reveals.

In addition to improving its designs, Live Solutions is also exploring the integration of Responsible Gaming elements into AI Presenter technology. This is to help identify evidence of problem gambling or overly risky behavior.

Possible inclusions range from setting time and spending limits, to personalized suggestions for intervals, to providing support resources – all delivered via human-like AI moderators.

Regardless of how AI moderators evolve, Houareau sees the limitless potential and the expansion of AI will offer ever greater opportunities as technology advances.

“The possibilities are endless and we’re excited to be part of the evolution of AI.”

In the end, AI will surely bring about changes in all segments of the industry and more interesting games, fascinating adventures and an increase in the gaming experience are expected.

Spring : “Integrating AI into live casinos“. iGaming store. August 17, 2023

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