In 2022, players paid $60 billion to US commercial casinos

2022 was a very good year for US commercial casinos. Players lost a total of $60.4 billion in slots and at the tables giving the house its best year ever.

On Wednesday the Trading Gaming Revenue Tracker The American Gaming Association (AGA) showed that land-based gambling accounted for around 80% of profits, while online casinos and internet sports betting made up the other 20% of revenue last year.

Nationally, online revenue in the US lags behind many markets Europeans. The UK is the leader with 65% of revenues from iGaming, France with about 29% and Germany with about 28%. From the US macro to the four states that offer commercial land-based and online gambling, online revenue averaged 40.7 percent of the total.

Revenue from US-regulated commercial online casinos rose to around $5 billion – a 35.2% increase. Currently six states offer internet casino games: Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and West Virginia. In five other states, new bills are going through the legislative process to legalize online gambling. These states are Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, New Hampshire and New York.

Commercial US casinos won over $60 billion in 2022

The more than $60 billion won by casinos last year is almost 14% more than 2021 totals.

Tribal casinos and state lotteries report their numbers separately, but if fourth-quarter and full-year numbers hold for tribal operators, the US industry combined could top $100 billion, a new record on its own if that happens. The National Gaming Commission of India will publish theirs income report from 2022 to the end of this year.

According to an Associated Press report by Wayne Parry in the Concord Courier, AGA Vice President David Forman said that this figure would equate US gaming industry revenue to US beer revenue.

Bill Miller, President and CEO of the association, said: “Our industry has significantly exceeded expectations in 2022. Simply put, American adults are choosing casino games for entertainment in record numbers, benefiting communities and gaining market share Cut-throat market and illegal market.”

Vice President Forman added: “This growth is almost equivalent to adding another Las Vegas Strip to the US market.”

While the Chicago, Mississippi Gulf Coast and Baltimore-Washington, DC markets are also generating healthy revenues, the Las Vegas Strip and Atlantic City are the top performing US gambling markets.

Although Nevada legislatures legalized online casino gambling around the same time as New Jersey, regulators have specifically refused to enact a regulatory framework for it, opting instead to only regulate online casino gambling. sports betting and online poker.

How the states accumulated

This may be the reason why online sports betting and iGaming numbers are not reported on the AGA tracking reviews when you include the legacy of the Las Vegas Strip and other Nevada markets.

Classified from 10 to 1, along with his shot we find the following:

  • Boulder Strip in Nevada ($966 million +/- = up to last year)
  • St. Louis market, which includes parts of Missouri and Illinois ($1.1 billion +3.6%)
  • Detroit ($1.3 billion -1.4%)
  • Philadelphia ($1.4 billion – 1.8%)
  • New York City ($1.5 billion +2.6%)
  • Mississippi Gulf Coast ($1.6 billion – 0.5%)
  • Chicago region, which includes parts of Illinois and Indiana ($2.1 billion +6.1%)
  • Baltimore-Washington DC ($2.2bn +8.7%)
  • Atlantic City ($2.8 billion +8.5%)
  • Las Vegas Strip ($8.2 billion +17%)

In a radical reversal of historical trends, traditional gaming table revenue rose 13.9% while slots grew 5.1%.

About a third of the US adult population will have visited a casino at least once in 2022.

Sportsbook continued to grow, with 36 states (and DC) offering legalized sportsbooks in 2022 and the AGA predicts it will be available in 40 states by the end of this year.

Spring: The US casino hit a high markConcord Monitor via AP, February 18, 2023

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