French and Australian ISPs are blocking more casino websites

France’s gambling regulator, l’Autorité Nationale des Jeux (Anch), issued Blocking and Exclusion Orders of online gambling sites and has created and published a public blacklist in the form of a downloadable CSV spreadsheet of illegal gambling sites, while the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) ordered the blocking of eight other websites, including an advertiser and gambling operator.

The French Black List can be found via a link on the official government announcements page (Here). Contains more than 500 cardsmost of which are redirects or mirrors from sites apparently targeting players in markets where operators were not welcome, with operators like VegasPlus accounting for almost 10% of the total over 45+ unique URLs they have referenced in various iterations of the leave central name.

Obvious attempts at evasion

My chance accounted for more than 50 iterations, while Unique/WinUnique recorded almost 50 entries.

The internal list has been shared with judicial authorities, certain operators and internet service providers in France 532 websites crawled by more than 150 operators since June last year, but it was finally released, albeit in a non-user-friendly format. The List is updated monthly according to ANJ.

A few months before the then still young list was compiled, the supervisory authority received extraordinary powers Block or request the blocking of gambling websites, as well as the power to delist them through requests or demands sent to search engines and other indexing databases.

Legal censorship in the name of the common good is a craft that the French regulator hones with each new development, and the ANJ no longer has to navigate 4-6 months of bureaucracy do that Work. Now they can simply require ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to block websites after a expedited consultation with an administrative judgeMarketing websites and all known versions of game domains can be blocked within 30-60 days.

only at 18 Online gambling websites are sanctioned by the government Franceas well as internationally in French-administered jurisdictions, while La Française des Jeux enjoys one exclusive monopoly on lotteries and related games in French law governments around the world.

Delisting of Google addresses as follows: “Google may remove websites from its index and search results, temporarily or permanently, if it believes it is legally required to do so; if the websites do not meet Google’s quality guidelines or for other reasons.”

A ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union, the EU’s highest court, confirmed in 2011 that France’s monopoly on horse racing betting was justified and lawful as long as it served to avert harm from the public, and it was use from Behavior consistent. The case (a law giving Pari Mutuel Urbain a monopoly on horse racing betting) paved the way for further breaches in the interpretation of antitrust law and disrupted the competition guaranteed between member states across Europe.

The ANJ stated on its website last Wednesday: “When a French internet user gambles on an illegal site (e.g. in France all online casino sites are illegal, no casino license can be granted under the current legal framework) he is exposed to several risks:

  • collection of personal data;
  • payment fraud;
  • Installing malware on the computer or mobile phone without the player’s knowledge;
  • Lack of frequent withdrawal of winnings;
  • lack of measures to prevent excessive gambling and underage gambling;
  • Total lack of legal remedies in case of disputes with the site.

There is no known empirical data showing that the French are more vulnerable to these risks than other players other jurisdiction. The government relies on enforcement of supply-side codes and previous declarations to prevent French players from leaving France-sanctioned sites. Online players in France are not prosecuted.

Australia continues to crack down on unlicensed websites

As is the case in France, players play in Australia are not subject to criminal penalties. However, the operators who offer unlicensed services to citizens may be subject to civil and criminal penalties if within reach of the law. All listed companies have exited the marketbut private companies continue to serve the market as Australians are among the most passionate and prolific gamers in the world.

Providing online gambling services in Australia not really illegal as long as the operator is licensed in a state or territory. However, none has developed a framework or granted licenses for casino games.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has issued new orders to Australian ISPs to prevent another handful of gambling sites from allowing residents to access the sites.

As so often in the past, the order affects not only the illegal operators, but also their organizers. The latest names include Jax Casino, Kosmonaut Casino, Mirax Casino, N1 Bet Casino, Rolling Slots, Slotozen and Wild Fortune Casino, as well as an allegedly affiliated site marketed directly to Australian players.

The regulator has blocked more than 700 gambling websites since the Gambling Amendment Act 2001 was tightened in 2017.

Spring: The French regulator publishes a blacklist for gambling websitesiGaming Business, March 14, 2023

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