For nearly a decade, intercounty rulings have shown that games of skill (“slots”) are legal in Pennsylvania

While almost a decadeJudge after judge decided that The Skill Games of Pennsylvania known by the name Pace-O-Matic are legal in the Commonwealth. However, prosecutors and agents at the Pennsylvania Bureau of Alcohol Enforcement and Enforcement (BLCE) appear keen to find a lawyer to side with them on the “chance vs. ability” issue and help authorities raid a local Venue supports confiscation of the machines and associated cash or collateral.

To date, Pace-O-Matic skill games have been declared legal in the state by rulings from the following courts: Beaver, Dauphin, Monroe and York counties. Clearfield County and Delaware County They reviewed the law and jurisprudence created by these decisions and returned the confiscated games without having to go to court and establish the facts themselves.

Games have been considered legal since 2014

The Beaver County Court of Common Pleas ruled that the Pace-O-Matic games of skill are legal in Pennsylvania and that the prevailing games of skill have survived since 2014 (failed.PDF)

Once again a judge did it decided in favor of the game providers. This time in Monroe County, where prosecutors and the BLCE raided a small business there in 2022 and kept the equipment in a safe place until the tactic was used again in court. Judge Mark said in his recent ruling that the “Gaming devices are games of skill, not games of chance.”

in the same county at the beginning of this year, Prosecutors listened to Monroe County Common Pleas Judge Jennifer Harlacher Sibum, who not only rebuked them for it prosecute non-criminal conduct for …. As well misconduct in research and the prosecution itself. In fact, it used the withholding of crucial evidence and the misrepresentation of evidence by prosecutors as a reason to suppress genuine evidence from a court hearing when the case was dismissed.

“The Court finds that the Commonwealth unlawfully withheld and misrepresented material evidence relating to the issuance of the search warrant in this matter and that such conduct justifies the removal of the seized property.” Judge Sibum wrote in her order dismissing the charges and ordering the return of the machines, cash and other items to their rightful owners.

according to a G3 Newswire reportJudges in York County and Dauphin County also ruled against prosecutors and the BLCE in other cases this year on Wednesday.

Pace-O-Matic has recovered its machines, cash and associated equipment by York County prosecutors after the Bureau wrongfully seized it in early 2023. In Dauphin County, prosecutors there have been assigned the “L” and “W” for POM.

In this case, Dauphin County Judge for Common Pleas Andrew H. Dowling wrote: “First, this Court considers that the Commonwealth Inquiry reveals a bias in this case. The Commonwealth is trying to turn all machines into illegal gaming devices like POM machines and their entire focus and intent is to shut down games regardless of actual gameplay. As such, the Commonwealth as a whole is biased against gambling and their approach lacks credibility in this case.”

Pace-O-Matic’s attorney, Matthew Haverstick of Kleinbard, LLC stated: “Pace-O-Matic’s Pennsylvania Games of Skill are legal. The Commonwealth has abused your equipment for years with no credible evidence that the games are illegal. The judges are now carefully analyzing the evidence and ruling in our favour.”

mike barley, Director of Public Affairs of the company added: “Yet another Pennsylvania court found that the games of skill operated by Pace-O-Matic were legal games of predominating skill in Pennsylvania. Having repeatedly confirmed the legality of our games, we look forward to working with legislators to pass legislation that will fairly regulate and tax the skill gaming industry. Indeed, among our competitors, Pace-O-Matic stands out as an active driving force behind additional regulations and taxes.”

Pennsylvania Skill Games are made in the Commonwealth and Reportedly, 90% of the profits they generate remain in the state. Previous reports claim to show that “real casino” businesses are not being exploited for gaming on the devices, as those wanting to spend a few bucks on entertainment with potential wins in the games will head to a family grocery store or other neighborhood businesses . , another small shop nearby Shop, a popular fraternal or social club that local volunteer fire department or a veterans organization without the need to plan for travel, lodging, or even major household expenses.

The same or similar games have been banned by law in Kentucky since March 2023

The games are not as fun location in Kentuckywhere they have recently been codified as unregulated and illegal.

Pennsylvania casino and lottery revenues have continued to grow year on year as games of skill take hold in more and more locales, providing at least anecdotal evidence for proponents’ claims that it’s an absolute clientele. Contrary to what you might think Look for flashing lights, knick knacks and big jackpots.

Senator Gene Yaw, who serves as vice chairman of the Harrisburg Judiciary Committee, has introduced legislation that would tax the machines and reportedly generate about $300 million in annual revenue for the Commonwealth, while also regulating gambling.

In most company press releases, POM often mentions the following: “employs a team of former State Police officers to enforce all contract terms and codes of conduct. These contractual terms limit the number of machines when placed in one location and include safeguards to prevent minors from playing with the machines.”

Spring: Judge Rules Skill Games In Pennsylvania “Skill Devices” G3 Newswire, June 7, 2023

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