Casino revenue continues to break records, even when family games of skill are included

As America’s gambling industry coalesces around legalized sports betting and slot machines begin to rotate state after state and virtual chips hit tables, a struggle for legitimacy remains for some in the landscape.

Down-to-earth carpenters who play skill or luck can find themselves in a bit of a gray area and have good reason to worry that business life isn’t always black and white for them.

People play and don’t really care if the odds are against them. It just takes a lucky break to recoup the losses and potentially move into positive territory. Most people understand that lucky breaks may never come, and they’re fine with that… be content with playing for entertainment value as long as they at least have a chance to win big.

The game is the new big thing no way by numbers. The industry is well regulated, with independent labs testing the programs and random generators with actual return-to-player percentages versus theoretical RTP to check the math and fairness of the games.

More than an attorney for America’s casinos

The American Gaming Association It is a natural supporter of regulated gambling, but also uses its political clout to try to impose stiff competition on its members. When it comes to online casinos that operate under offshore licenses and are fully legal at the federal level, though not in all states, the association is tends to demonize operators as illegal, unlicensed and unregulated. Actually 99.9% of all Casinos abroad They are licensed where they are registered.

In addressing the federal restrictions, it should be noted that IGT, now part of a global lottery conglomerate formerly known as GTECH, has applied a final clarification in federal court whether or not online casino gaming and lottery sales that crossed state lines fell within the scope of the Transfer Act 1961.

Each administration has taken a different position on the matter over the past decade, with the Obama Justice Department issuing a statement in 2012 that the Transfer Act only applied to sports betting (of course there were no casinos in line in 1961, so how could it be otherwise ?). Trump’s Justice Department ruled that all online gambling that wasn’t 100% within the borders of a single state was illegal under the law, reversing the Obama-era decision in 2018. The Biden administration publicized his position by refusing to defend the session. Lawsuits era lawsuits related to the matter.

Obviously, the transfer law never applied to online casino games

At least some members of the Republican Party did They knew very well that it didn’t apply to poker or online casinos, the casinos it can be deduced that HR707 – 114th Congress (2015-2016) (submitted but never passed) requested: “Therefore, provided that the prohibition on the transmission of betting information applies to all betting or information assisting in the placing of bets, this prohibition applies to all types of gambling activities, including internet betting.”

IGT sued the US Department of Justice. by ambiguous law in late 2021 and nearly a year later, the company prevailed when the U.S. District Court in Rhode Island upheld the U.S. Department of Justice’s earlier (Obama-era) view that the Transfer Act of 1961 applied only to sports betting – not online poker or online casino games, which makes the question moot and determined by law.

readers can learn more about the law sponsored since its inception by US Attorney General Robert Kennedy, a history of the Department of Justice’s comments and the court’s final conclusion in JD Supra Here.

Often, the AGA will also lump offshore operators with currently unregulated or under-regulated providers of skill games found in truck stops, corner restaurants, grocery stores and other neighborhood eateries across the American landscape. It’s wrong and it’s fair actually has no basis in many cases.

Take the Pennsylvania Pace-O-Matic for example. The courts have systematically decided in favor of the company when you find that out Slot machine-style games were actually legal games of skill and not pure gambling. It’s impossible to get paid unless the player guesses where the payline is and triggers the payout by just picking the winning symbols.

While the courts have ruled in the company’s favour, it hasn’t stopped some overzealous or overzealous prosecutors from seizing the machines and peripherals, as well as the cash inside the machines are illegally confiscated (according to a recent judge’s decision).

Skill games do not cannibalize income

One of the arguments of the American gambling industry and its protector project is that these skill games somehow cannibalize the income of “legal” operators. But this is one ridiculous statement given AGA’s own numbers. The year 2022 was a Record year for US commercial gaming operators which generated more than $60 billion in cash transportation last year. Those record earnings surpassed the previous record of $53 billion set in 2021.

The same report noted this More than one in three Americans who are old enough to gamble have visited a casino at least once in the past year84 million of us.

according to a G3 Newswire articleA spokesperson for Pace-O-Matic, Mike Barley, said: “If you keep hitting the revenue jackpot, you can’t simultaneously complain that games of skill are a threat to your casino business. The numbers are the numbers.”

Whether a causal effect can be found or direct connections drawn from one to the other, he argues that increasing the number of skill games available in a given market also increases casino winnings.

Skill games are 100% legal in some states

In Pennsylvaniawhere legal Pace-O-Matic games can be found almost anywhere in the state, gaming revenue, primarily from in-person casino slots, grew 18% in January from the same period last year, and operators had 475 in revenue in December million US dollars.

Barley points this out There is no overlap between players playing slots and skill games because each type of player is looking for a completely different experience. People who play skill games are having fun in their own communities, whether it’s driving across town to a fire department, fraternity club, or veterans’ grandstand, or just walking across the street or down the block to a restaurant, train station, or small grocery store.

“It’s just not the case that a couple going to a casino would stop at an Elks Club to play games of skill,” called. “Attempting to say that the two experiences are the same for players is ridiculous. We don’t have flashing lights or continuous games. For us, it’s maybe five games in a corner of a neighborhood restaurant.”

The G3 Newswire article concludes by suggesting that rather than pointing fingers at perfectly legal games of skillOrganizations like AGA could consider partnering with Pace-O-Matic to drive scammers and illegal machines out of the market.

Pace-O-Matic wants more regulation of skill games and state taxation that would make state governments stakeholders in the small but important sector.

Spring: Record earnings from US casinos prove that legal games of skill are not financially competitiveG3 Newswire, February 3, 2023

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