BetGames launches Skyward as a debut in the shock games market

BetGames, an award-winning provider of innovative live dealer betting games, recently released Skyward to make its debut in the clash games market. Despite the fierce competition, the brand launches the Skyward crash game to announce that it will look where it seems safe in the new market position.

Entry to the Crash Games Market

The company’s managing director, Andreas Koeberl, are happy with the latest expansion of BetGames in the booming sector, characterized by a simple but attractive game. He says the company will work to find the best way to integrate the collision sector into its portfolio. At the same time, BetGames will do everything to make the brand stand out from the crowd.

In this context, the shock game was started heavenward to attract new players to platforms managed by the provider’s operator partners. Players who are familiar with the studio’s core content are expected to choose the reputable provider of the new content.

Koeberl says: “This surprises us and is a natural thing and advantage for the operators as they can use the Clash game, which is a low margin game, to increase sales of our other BetGames products, which are usually associated with a margin of more than double. Therefore, it also makes a lot of sense for operators. This is underpinned by the initial performance since launch which has been extremely encouraging.”

Skyward features

Regarding competition in the lucrative field Crash games marketAccording to Koeberl, the company will try to put its stamp on game development. According to the CEO, Skyward is a typical Crash game, but some game features, such as: Autoplay And Automatic betthey probably provide the desired appeal for players.

In addition, the fast-paced game includes Brand animationsas well as game based bonus feature what is currently missing on the market, says Koeberl.

The decision to move into gaming crash It was driven by the players. Koeberl says: We see this massive overlap within our player profile with quick play genres such as slots and clash rather than live casino, and that overlaps heavily with the slots, clash games and instant games category. “That’s why we dedicated an entire vertical to this topic last year, with several titles now available alongside Skyward, because players are demanding it.”

Mission and vision

According to the CEO, the company’s mission is to gradually align the actors with the company’s operational goals. “Skyward is just one piece of the puzzle” says Köberl.

As a proven provider selected by top operator partners, BetGames appears to be aware of the market situation and is opting for the burgeoning shock sector to capitalize on this trend.

The provider hopes that the expansion in the crash games market will happen on its own. The Skyward Crash game marks the studio’s debut in the market and is in line with the company’s vision to be the gateway in between Sports and the games.

Spring: “How BetGames wants to stand out with the release of debut crash game Skyward“. European Gaming. November 27, 2023

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