BetConstruct offers partners new innovative solutions

The company is on track to fulfill its mission to offer that to its customers best possible solutions and make revolutionary changes that will completely change that Overview of the iGaming industry by introducing attractive new products.

The company’s latest exclusive products are Multi-wallet capabilities and custom tokenswho will be one of the big assets when it comes to strengthening the relationship between the cryptocurrency and iGaming worlds.

Both corporate partners and loyal customers will be satisfied with the multi-wallet solution. Players can easily access it on multiple walletsboth crypto and fiat, and deposit funds, along with hassle-free withdrawals, all while available to avoid in-game conversions. The integration with other purses with cryptocurrencieslike Metamask, is also seamless and available to everyone what facilitates the overall gaming experience and makes it even better.

But that’s not all he has prepared BetConstruct: Partners can now create new tabs individually tailored to your needs. This is similar to the FTN and it looks like the success will be the same. The new tabs were created in Bahamutwith the smart contract software that has a set of customizable variables that can help any business partner to meet your business needs.

Many advantages for partners and customers

The company has worked hard on it different support systems This will help maintain token listings on all exchanges, both centralized and decentralized. In addition, the offer includes technical support for liquidity management as well as market making, promotion and marketing of these tailor-made solutions.

Another important problem was also solved by the company offering a solution for several legal matters that partners may face during the process. The company supports the formation of the necessary token issuers as well as the drafting and verification of the technical documents created by the partners. In addition, it also provides legal opinions, creates partner bank accounts, prepares contractual agreements and assists in acquiring licenses for cryptocurrency exchanges in many regulated markets around the world.

With these advanced solutions, BetConstruct will be able to do this Change the whole world with iGaming cryptocurrencies. The new multi-wallet with user-friendly solutions and custom token functionality will greatly enrich the scene and open the door for future solutions that will make the process even easier carry out different connections And Discover the possibilities that the market offers.

Spring: “BetConstruct Introduces Multiwallet and Custom Token Features”. iGaming store. August 14, 2023

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