Top 10 Places To Visit in Hunza Valley

A few Details of Top 10 Places of Hunza Valley

Rakaposhi Peak

As a matter of first importance is the perspective on Rakaposhi.

The tremendous heap of Rakaposhi is all over the place, regardless piece of Hunza you are remaining.

Besides, the mountain is a piece of the Karakoram Mountain Range and is 7,788 meters high.

Rakaposhi implies the “Sparkling Wall”.

The pinnacle is encircled by a portion of the renowned icy masses like:

  1. Barpu
  2. Biro
  3. Bagrot
  4. Pisan

The day break and sunset on Rakaposhi are only a shocking perspective.


Second on the rundown is the Karimabad, the capital of Hunza.

The town is well known for its set of experiences as it houses the formers of the Royal family.

The town gives the most antiquated look as a result of its stones made of houses and roads.

In addition, a portion of the well known tourist spots in Karimabad are:

  • Baltit Fort
  • Sovereign Victoria
  • Monument Channel Walk
  • Moreover, the glacial masses of Ulter Nala likewise falls in Karimabad

Altit Fost

Altit Fort is an old stronghold above Karimabad in the Hunza valley.

It was home to the innate leaders of the Hunza state who took the title Mir. Altit Fort was the home of a previous sovereign around 1100 years of age.

Presently filling in as a gallery around there.

Both the fortress are a show-stopper of planner and art.

The wonderful plan was redesigned by Agha Khan Culture Trust, a saved legacy for the people in the future.

Altit Fort isn’t just with regards to a spot it’s with regards to the legacy which is as yet developing with time.

Baltit Fort

Baltit Fort is one more post in the Hunza valley, an unquestionable requirement visit the spot to visit in the valley.

The reinforcements of the post are said to go back around 600 years. In any case, there have been remakes and changes throughout the long term.

The fantasy like palace of Baltit, above Karimabad, is a Hunza milestone, unnatural on gigantic legs, its wooden straight windows watch out over the valley.

Initially, it was utilized as the home of the Mirs of Hunza.

Because of a conflict between the two children of the ruler and rulers were moved to another spot that was Altit Fort.

Attabad Lake

One of the most astounding spots in Hunza valley is Attabad Lake.

The precious stone turquoise water makes anybody entranced inside the monstrous heaps of Karakoram.

The tones and the appeal of the spring season are spectacular that draws in numerous sightseers each year there.

Likewise, the length of the lake is 13 miles and the profundity of the lake is very nearly 358 feet.

The lake likewise positioned in the top pools of Pakistan in light of its enormous magnificence.

Rush Lake

Another astonishing in the Nagar Valley of Hunza is Rush Lake.

Besides, Nagar is one of the most alluring valleys.

Most importantly, hypnotizing shades of Nagar valley won’t ever be seen as any every, nothing is lovely than straightforwardness.

Discussing the Rush Lake in Nagar valley is a high lake which is nearly at the surface rise of 4,694 meters.

The gigantic mountains encompass the lake and it is viewed as the most elevated lake in Pakistan.

Sost Border

Sost is the last town of a Hunza on Karakoram Highway close to the Chinese line.

A town is a significant put on the expressway for all traveler and freight transport since all traffic getting the Pakistan-China line goes through this town.

Alongside Khunjerab Pass is the high mountain pass in the Karakorum mountain range.

Furthermore, Khunjerab passes likewise have a public park that occupant with the intriguing types of snow panther.

It is a glorious image of Pak China fellowship.


In the middle of the Gojal valley of upper Hunza, the nine shaded valleys Gulmit gives a significant place of interest in Hunza.

Here you can track down the gigantic shades of nature.

The all encompassing perspectives in general valley alongside the Passu Cones are so enthralling.

Besides, Gulmit gives a total bundle to its sightseers looking like high pinnacles and mountains, landmarks alongside a wonderful environment.

Most importantly, the most visited valley is a passage to five distinct valleys that are:

  • Shimshal Valley
  • Chipursan Valley
  • Misgar Valley
  • Boibar Valley
  • Khunjerab

Borith Lake

While investigating the wonders of Gulmit valley, you will experience a saline pool of Borith.

The lake is excellent and encompasses by the huge fields.

The lake shaped by the softened water of Ghulkin Glacier.

Also, the lake is about at the surface height of 25000 meters and a lifeline for the adventurers to Passu tops.

In addition, the lake is available by a 2 km jeep ride from Husseini town that is corresponding to Ghulkin town.

Hawk Nest Duikar

The most experience to have while remaining in Hunza is to observe the day break and nightfall on the impressive pinnacles of Lady Finger and Rakaposhi from the popular hawk home in Dukair.

Duiker is a little town and regularly referred to by Eagle Nest as the lodging is arranged there and offers the all encompassing perspectives in general Hunza.

The spot can be reached in a short time’s drive from the capital of Hunza Karimabad, and here you can observer the extraordinary perspective on your entire life.

I really want to believe that you like our rundown of Top 10 spots you should visit in Hunza Valley.

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