Places to visit in Pakistan

If you have been looking to experience some breathtaking views and extraordinary places, Pakistan is the place for you. Here are some places you can go to with the help of this list.Following are the list of places to visit in Pakistan.

Hunza valley :

The Hunza valley is nestled between the Himalayas and the Karakoram Mountain Peaks, in Gilgit Baltistan. Here, you can find wildlife like markhors, ounces and ibexes, in addition to red foxes. A glorious view awaits those who visit this hidden gem of Pakistan.

hunza valley

Attabad Lake:


Attabad Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. The lake formed as a result of landslides that happened in 2010, and it has popular cascading blue waters. People enjoy skiing, boating, fishing, and others at this summer hot spot.

attabad lake

Swat Valley:

 Swat Valley has, despite its tragic history, a promising present. The beauty of the valley is surreal and it offers many recreational activities, such as trekking, hiking, and backpacking. A visitor can enjoy a wonderful experience in this very friendly environment.

swat valley

Naran Kaghan:

These two amazing and break taking places are located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. People who love the natural beauty and Hilly areas  like hunza valley and  other it’s the best place for those. Every year thousands of tourist all over the world come here to see the beauty of rivers, field’s stretches, mountain peaks capped with snow and picturesque lakes. All these things attract the tourists here even every year.

naran kaghan valley

Badshahi Mosque:

In 1970’s Badshahi Mosque is built and is the Mughal Empire monument which ruled over the Subcontinents of India for approximately three centuries. The great representation of Mughal architecture is this mosque in Lahore, with four minarets and three domes forming the courtyard. Badshahi mosque is the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

badshahi mosque


Paradisiacal tourist places for climbers and hikers are Concordia in the north of the Pakistan, around the boarder of China. Five out of fourteen highest mountain peaks in the world are present in Pakistan. From Concordia, you can get the excellent view these four mountains. It is the unmissable place in Pakistan for sightseeing. Best time to visit here is the duration between June to August.

k2- concordia

Neelam Valley:

It is the bow shape valley in the Northern are of Azad Kashmir, situated in between the peaks which is the soar 13,000 feet high in the sky. Valley is surrounded by verdant forests and streams which flow silently. There are so many beautiful valleys in Pakistan like swat valley, hunza valley but Its name is considered in the most beautiful place of Pakistan. This valley has mirror like lakes, lush landscapes and pristine rivers. The best time for visit is between the month of March and October. 


Deosai National Park

It’s also known as Land of giants. It has the mountains capped with snow which are rising from the highland. This area has an amazing amount of biodiversity like Himalayan wolves, red fox, yellow bellied marmots and Siberian ibex. Those tourists who love to seek the biodiversity, it’s the best and ideal place to visit in the month of July to September.



Sindh the Southeastern part of Pakistan is the place of Mohenjo-Daro that is the frequently  visited place by the tourists from most of the Places to visit in Pakistan. In the history Back to  2500 BCE and the home to the  Sindh people. Indus Valley civilization is the discovered ruins and mounds to be the part of ancient civilization. History lovers are fascinated by the urban and engineering planning. Everyone can visit whole year without any restrictions.

Pir Sohawa:

The location of Pir Sohawa is the Margalla Hills which is near to Islamabad. Most of the tourist are admire the breathtaking and fascination view. Approximately, 5,000 feet above sea level. Locals and tourist both visit there for fresh and cool breezes and admiring the stunning scenery to relax their mind after the hectic job and daily routine. Most visited time is between March to December due to spring and winter season.

pir sohawa

Naltar valley:

It is situated at a drive of 2.5 hours from Gilgit and is famous for colorful lakes. Tastiest Potato of the world are also cultivated here and covered with pine trees. It’s doesn’t look like the part of this world. If you really want to visit the most fascinating and eye-catching view you can visit here because it’s like the heaven in this world. You should visit here at least once; you will fall in love with this place.


Naltar Valley

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