passu valley
Passu valley

Passu is a small village located near Gulmit in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Hunza valley Northern Pakistan. Passu is situated on the Hunza River, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Gulmit. Tehsil’s headquarters in Gojal is located in Gilgit-Baltistan and is approximately 147 km (91 miles) further upriver from Gilgit. It is situated within Gojal Valley, a sub-division of District Hunza.

Passu Glacier (Hunza-valley)

Passu Glacier
Passu Glacier

You see the Passu Glacier just before arriving in Passu Village. The glacier is easy to access on hikes up the left side (south) from Passu. I stay at the Shisper View Hotel when I am in Passu and access the trail on the left side by walking the KKH about 200 meters from the Shisper View Hotel. From there you climb a ridge with great views of Passu, the Passu Glacier, and Passu Cones and Cathedral. Trails up to a water channel are not signed so it requires some guesswork and knowing what general direction you are aiming for. If you follow the ridge parallel to the glacier, you reach a road/track that goes down to Borit Lake (another good trek). Follow this road another 50 meters and there is a sort of trailhead and a small cafe. At this point, you climb and follow a water channel with great views looking down on the glacier as well as surrounding peaks. You can follow this trail all the way to Passu Gar, but this requires gaining a lot of elevation.
Another way to access views of Passu Glacier is to do the Yunz Valley hike trek which begins in Passu. You have views of the Passu Glacier on this hike until you are behind a moraine and then when you proceed into the Yunz Valley.
Alternately, you can access the toe of Passu Glacier by hiking up the outlet creek. This is the shortest and least strenuous access to the glacier and can be completed in a couple of hours.

Borith Lake

When you explore the marvels in Gulmit valley, you’ll be able to swim in a saline pond of Borith.

The lake is beautiful and is surrounded by huge fields. The lake is shaped by the softened waters that flow from Ghulkin Glacier. Additionally, the lake lies at a top of the mountain at 25000m and is a vital link for climbers to the Passu the tops. The lake can be reached via the jeep route of 2 km from Husseini town. It is also akin to Ghulkin town.

Passu Cones

Passu Cones or Passu Cathedral is an amazing mountain range with mountains that rise above 6000m high. Passu Cones / Catherdal is the most beautiful top in the whole region. It’s on the opposite side of the rock crown that is the river in Passu Cathedral.

Tupopdan 6106 m, also known as Passu Cones as well as Passu Cathedral lies to the north of the Gulmit village Upper Valley in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. It is the highest point that has been photographed in the Hunza Valley. There are also nearby the highest peaks of Passu Peak, Shisper peak, and Batura walls. One of the most breathtaking views in Hunza Valley. Hunza Valley is the Passu Cones and the Passu glacier which can be seen shortly in the aftermath of that of the Attabad Lake. Passu Cones are the thorny fence that grows out of the earth to guard the precious jewels from The Northern Areas of Pakistan. The Passu Cones jagged peaks are like a long saw blade that cuts cloud into little pieces.

Tourists are known to promote Tupopdan Peak. Tupopdan Peak as Passu Cathedral or Passu Cones. The Passu cones form an imposing wall of spears within the Karakoram mountain range that lies in Pakistan’s Northern Areas of Pakistan. The locals refer to them as Tupopdan which means Sun swallowing mountain or shiny or hot rock. In fact, in the last sun’s rays, the mountains’ tops shine like hot iron spears that are red inside the forge.

There are many forms and over nine colors that you will find within Passu Cones and the gaze is not able to escape them. Passu Cones drifts back and across between peaks to another. The sharp peaks that are part of Passu Cones are very alluring. Gulmit is a quiet village that is surrounded by stunning mountains, and the river running through it.  A great place to hike, walk, climb, or trek. One can take in the sunset or sunrise views from Passu Cones / Passu Catherdal during your stay at Gulmit Continental Hotel in Upper Hunza Valley.

Passu cones
Passu cones

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