Lake View Park Islamabad


One of the largest bird cages in Pakistan is located in Rawal Lake View Point, also known as Rawal Lake Promenade. This park contains Pakistan’s largest bird cage and is run under the administration of CDA (Capital Development Authority). The park was built with efforts from Chairman CDA Kamran Lashari, who wanted to be a part of Islamabad’s development.

Lake View Park Islamabad

Rawal Lake (Urdu: جھیل راول) :

Rawal Lake is an artificial reservoir in Pakistan that provides the water needs for the twins cities. It is located within, and created by, an remote section of the Village Malpur, Bani Gala and Margalla Hills National Park. Along with Korang River, which comes from Rawal Dam; other small streams come from the Margalla Hills to provide water.


The area around the Lagoon has been planted with beautiful flowers, and offers areas for picnics, fishing, boating, and other activities. There is a secluded path and the highest point in the garden offer views of the lake and nearby hills. Boating, sailing, water skating are demonstrated by private clubs. The Islamabad Club gives facilities that include open fields with various sports for participating in.


The large pond provides a perfect habitat for wintering waterfowl, especially the Crested Porcupine. Resident mammals (Red Fox, Indian Pangolin, and Indian Crested Porcupine) and  Reptiles (Indian Cobra and Russell’s Viper). There are many birds that live here, such as the Himalayan Grackle and Western Rosella.


There are 15 fish species in Rawal Lake. Of these, there are 11 genera. The fish species found in the lake are  Rahu (Labeorohita),Doula (Channa channa), Mori (Cirrhinus mrigala), Carp fish (Cyprinus carpio), Thaila (Catla catla),and Talapia (Tilapia mossambica).

2.Main features of Lake View Park Islamabad

Islamabad Park is located in Islamabad, Pakistan with coordinates 73° 7′ E and 33° 41′ N. The park has a total area of 106.25 square miles (275 km²).

Features of Rawal Lake dam

This is a partly arched gravity dam on the Columbia River. It is 534 m long and 133.5 ft high.

Saddle; Lake View Park Islamabad: 6,991 ft (2,131 m) in length and 24 ft (7.3

Spillway; This is a gated Ogee structure that can release 80,000 gallons of water per second.

Reservoir; The Kanas City Reservoir is a reservoir that spans 3 square miles of area and has depths up to 102 feet. Live storage here is 37,500 acre-feet and dead storage capacity is 4,500 acre-feet. Gross capacity is 42,000 acre-feet.

Canals; Water for irrigation and drinking water is transported to Rawalpindi via two primary canals, both 5 miles (8 km) long. The left bank canal can supply up to 1.1 m3/second of water, while the right bank canal has a capacity of up to 2.0 m3/second.

Drinking water supply; 25 million US gallons per day of water flow at Lake View Park Islamabad

Command area; 500 acres of farmland and wildlife in Pakistan

3.Budget of place in Lake View
Park Islamabad

                 Ticket’s Price





3D Motion Ride






Bumper car


Entry Ticket


Boating half round (for students)


Boating full round (for students)


Boating half round (for family)


Boating full round (for family)


Horse Ride


Bird park Ticket (for adults)


Bird park Ticket (for kids)



Tourists might take advantage of visiting Lake View Park by engaging in adventure games and motion rides or by riding in a vehicle such as the passenger road train or
the golf cart. The park is quite large, so tourists have options for transportation besides walking.
The Battlefield Complex is home to the renowned sporting facilities of Battlefield Islamabad and Ibex Club, as well as the iconic F1 TRAXX amusement park. The Circuit also ensures that you can ride a roller coaster and rock climb in the
same area.
There are various other activities available, such as boat riding and horseback riding, for kids to enjoy. Islamabad’s Lake View Park is one of the top picnic spots for families with children. Lake View Park attracts the most visitors on weekends and during school vacations. On the site, there is a large festival arena which serves as a venue for cultural and musical events throughout the year.

Lake View Park Islamabad

4.Refreshments at lake view park Islamabad

Refreshment centres exist at various locations in the park. While serving as a place for guests to enjoy delicious snacks, they also provide a chance to appreciate the nature of the area and the modern facilities provided by the park. There are a variety of restaurants to choose from at Lake View Park. Dera is well-known for its great meals, which lures in scores of tourists. Other restaurants include Engineer’s Spicey and Rajpoot Brothers. In addition there are numerous small stalls to accommodate your refreshment needs. Individuals can also bring their own food to enjoy an outing with friends and family. About 25 firewood BBQ hearths with sinks are located on the right side of Lake View Park in a well-designed BBQ area.

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5.Wildlife at lake view park Islamabad

The 3rd largest aviary in the world can be found in Lake View. You can see animals such as peacocks, ducks, ostriches, and Australian parrots. Both birds and various other animals call the ecosystem around the lake their home. Animals like yellow-throated martens, wild boars, jackals, porcupines and foxes all live in the jungle. Besides a multitude of bird species but also 15 varieties of fish live in the lake.

6.Best time to visit Lake View Park Islamabad

Lake View Park is open from 10AM-10PM every day. It has over 250 acres and includes a splash pad, private fishing area, and walking paths for all to enjoy.

7.Destination weddings in Lake View Park Islamabad

Lakeside Venues is the perfect place to have a wedding, with stunning views and serene ambience. The event coordinator will help with all your planning needs, and provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Lake View Park Islamabad

8.Reason for visiting Lake View Park Islamabad

Located on the banks of the Rawal Lake, Lake View Park is an excellent spot for spending a day with family. With activities to suit everyone, it is also popular among locals and tourists alike during weekends and holidays. Sitting pagodas and festival arenas are perfect for family gatherings or reunion parties, while motor sports ranch and picnic spots offer refreshing fun and specialty refreshments. Rock climbing, aviary, road trains, paintball battlefields, boating, fishing areas, and a swimming pool are all available at Lake View Park. The park offers international-standard services like picnic area including dedicated Bar B Q spots with grills; adventure sports like wall (rock) climbing, boating, fishing, fancy bird aviary, train rides, restaurants  and much more. Nearby you will find a zoo for rare species of birds which is a major attraction in this area. A restaurant named ‘Dera’ offers food and refreshment to visitors too. All these features make the park a highly recommended spot to spend some time with loved ones in the form of relaxation or entertainment. Rawal Lake is a man-made, artificial reservoir found just off the Margalla Hills. This is one of the best places to picnic and catch a glimpse of wildlife while you’re at it.

9.The upkeep of the Lake View Park Islamabad


Islamabad Park is beautiful, clean and safe. The Capital Development Authority is in charge of the park’s management, which is why it is well-kept and completely safe for children. The park employs more than 230 employees including cultivators, security staff, gardeners and other administrative staff. Of the 231 employees, 121 work on a regular basis while the rest are employed with daily salaries or on contracts. CDA’s organization results in a beautiful appearance of the city and Islamabad Park

10.Reviews and rating of Lake View Park Islamabad

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